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Contact Houston Car Accident Injury Attorney To Get The Best Compensation And Justice To Your Case

Car accidents, which have become quite common these days, result in serious injuries or even death. If you are involved in an accident, you can file a case against the driver who is responsible for your pain and suffering as a result of the accident. The Houston car accident injury attorney will find the cause of the accident, which could either be a mechanical failure or the negligence of the driver, and take the case to trial or settle the issue out of court.

Harris County Driving While Intoxicated

Generally, insurance companies try to minimize the damages of a case to cut down on the amount of compensation, but with years of experience the Houston car accident attorney will ensure that your legal rights are protected and the other party pays not only for your physical injuries, but also for the mental agony, medical expenses, loss of employment, family life and any other discomfort that you have experienced due to the accident.

Along with personal injury cases the Houston attorney also handles divorce cases by being supportive, helpful and informative to smoothly complete the legal process to separate you from your spouse. Moreover, the Houston attorney offers a flat fee divorce unlike some attorneys who take advantage of the conflicts in the case to increase their fees. A good Houston attorney understands the trauma that one undergoes during a divorce and would encourage the couple to strive for an agreed divorce to avoid unnecessary expense. The attorney would also extend his support to resolve issues related to child custody and support, division of assets, spousal maintenance and many other issues.

Flat Fee Divorce Houston

The Houston attorney offers transparent yet very confidential flat fee divorce services to those who would like to go for uncontested divorces in any of the Texas courts. Flat fees for contested divorces are for six months. If the case is not resolved within six months, then the same fee applies for the next six months. The flat fee is available for divorces with or without children, with or without real estate, and with or without retirement plans. Filing fees and court costs are usually included in the fee.

One thing is sure, the Houston divorce lawyer will ensure that you receive the best service at affordable rates.
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